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18.21 Man Made Wash Spiced Vanilla 18 oz

18.21 Man Made Wash Spiced Vanilla 18 oz

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Introducing 18.21 Man Made Wash Spiced Vanilla, the perfect way to clean and condition your hair, skin, and beard all in one step. Our special recipe of ginger, clove, coconut, French vanilla, and star anise create a masculine, spiced scent that lasts all day. This all-in-one body wash does the work of three products, offering fortified shampoo, sumptuous conditioner, and addictively great-smelling body wash that deeply, gently cleanses. Welcome to that golden feel you get from a cleansing experience that doesn’t strip your skin and hair. Our men’s shower gel provides a rich lather, lending sheen and strength to your hair and skin.

  • Gentle, all-in-one body wash for men
  • Cleanses and conditions hair and skin
  • Scented with a masculine, spiced vanilla fragrance
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