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Berkley Dredger Fishing Lure, Big Money, 1 1/8 oz

Berkley Dredger Fishing Lure, Big Money, 1 1/8 oz

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Fish with a lure designed by world-class bait engineers and hard bait legend and expert, David Fritts with the Berkley Dredger. This dream hard bait captures the essence and action of artfully handcrafted wooden baits in a synthetic design, delivering exactness and durability. With a balanced construction that throws straight and far, this fishing bait is consistently ready to run out of the package without tuning. Available in a variety of premium colors to help you match the hatch, it's irresistible to predatory fish and ideal for deep fish species. At Berkley, our process gives anglers the tools and confidence to catch more fish. Failing to catch fish is what motivates us to keep fishing, keep studying, and keep figuring out ways to make all our products the best on the market. Because of this commitment we can confidently say - We've done the science. Now you catch the fish.

  • BERKLEY DREDGER FRESHWATER CRANKBAIT: Pro designed by hard bait legend and expert David Fritts, Berkley Dredger fishing lures are built for consistent performance.
  • ENTICING ACTION: Featuring a unique body design and weighted bill, these crank baits dive deep to stay in the strike zone longer. With a slow rise on the pause, the lures trigger bites from all game species.
  • SHARP AND STOUT FUSION19 HOOKS: Equipped with sticky sharp Fusion19 hooks for easy penetration and great holding ability even in the toughest fights.
  • DURABLE AND EXACT: Capturing the essence and action of artfully crafted wooden baits, this synthetic crankbait delivers precision and durability with every cast. Lure is easy to crank for less fatigue during fishing.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Lure Size: 1 1/8 oz, 3 1/4in | 8cm. Color: Big Money. Swimming Depth: 22’-26’ | 6.7m-7.9m. Hook Size: 2. Number of Hooks: 2.
  • PREMIUM COLOR SELECTION: To match the hatch, there are a variety of high-quality forage matching colorways to choose from based off of fishing preferences and environments.
  • BALANCED DESIGN throws straight and far and fish lures are consistently ready to run out of the package without tuning.
  • OUR STORY: The Berkley story involves hard work and investigation leading to expected success. The research and development that goes into our products results in innovative fishing gear with one purpose: to help you catch more fish.
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