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Chef Master Coffee Maker

Chef Master Coffee Maker

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The Chef Master Coffee Maker is a perfect addition to any play kitchen! Super fun for all the kids, it will encourage young cooks to have fun while they practice their culinary skills: first, pour some water into the top water compartment. Then press the button and water will drop to the coffee pot- press it again to stop the water. There’s even a button to start a boiling sound! Your little ones will love working on their pretend cooking skills while engaging in imaginative play. The Chef Master Coffee Maker is designed for toddlers and children ages 3 and up. Designed to develop and encourage imaginative play and fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination, this set has lights and sounds, and is ideal for creative, fun, and imaginative play to aid in your child's healthy development. The Chef Master Coffee Maker is a perfect birthday gift, holiday gift, or everyday surprise This set is ready for endless play time fun and is sure to bring a smile to your child's face. Inspire creativity in your little chef with the Chef Master Coffee Maker. unisex, above 3, battery operation, light and sound

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