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Linzer BEST 9x3/8" Woven Roller Cover 2 Pack

Linzer BEST 9x3/8" Woven Roller Cover 2 Pack

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No matter what task you're taking on, having the right tools will help you get the job done right. This BEST 9x3/8-inch white woven polyester roller cover 2 pack provides maximum coverage that helps you tackle any large projects like walls and ceilings. The lint-free fabric provides even high gloss paint application on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces and is intended for use with high-sheen paints. We believe in offering an expansive product selection that delivers unparalleled value at every level. No more shopping around at multiple sources. From professionals to home DIYers, anyone can find what they need for their painting projects. With this commitment to our customers, we've become America's largest paint applicator supplier over the last 100 years, so you can trust you're always buying the best.

  • BEST PAINT ROLLER COVER 2 PACK: This professional quality roller cover set will simplify any project. This BEST roller assembly effortlessly covers large areas so you can finish tasks faster.
  • CONVENIENT COMPATIBILITY: These paint roller covers are suitable for use with any standard 9-inch frame.
  • NOTHING LEFT BEHIND: There's nothing worse than tiny particles that ruin a perfect paint job. That's why these woven paint rollers are lint-free, so the only thing that sticks is the paint.
  • SMOOTH SAILING: This professional paint roller cover set is specifically designed for optimal coverage and uniform application on ceilings and walls.
  • EVEN APPEARANCE: These painting roller covers deliver flawless results on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces, so you can be satisfied with the results of every project.
  • VERSATILE PAINTING PARTNER: Your tools should never limit you. Choose a paint roller that delivers peak performance when used with high-sheen paints.
  • THE BEST CHOICE: Turn your home transformation dreams into reality with this line of quality, professional-level brushes and rollers. Make the painting process easier than ever.
  • COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT LINE: We are proud to offer a variety of solutions that provide optimal value at every price point. No matter what you need, from brushes to rollers, to trays, we have the right products to help you complete your project.
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