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Men's Knitted Arctic Hat, Thinsulate Lined

Men's Knitted Arctic Hat, Thinsulate Lined

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Keep the cold away with this HANDS ON - 100% Acrylic Hat, 3M Thinsulate Lined. This Polar Extreme Insulated Stylish Thermal Hat Features Four layers of 100 percent Acrylic knitted fabric for ample protection. HANDS ON - 100% Acrylic Hats are lined with 40-gram 3M Thinsulate and keep your head extra warm and toasty at all times when the temperature drops during the winter months. HANDS ON - 100% Acrylic Hat is warm and it’s Four layered design is made to wick moisture away from your head keeping it nice and dry. This Hat is ideal for both men and women. This HANDS ON - 100% Acrylic, 40gm 3M Thinsulate Lined Hat is designed to be worn rolled up or in a slouchy style (extended, loose). The Acrylic Men’s Hat is just what you need to keep your head warm, whether you are going out for work or fun. This Men’s Hat coordinates with several clothing choices!

HANDS ON - Men's Premium 100% Acrylic Hat, 40 gm 3M Thinsulate Lined:


  • Men’s 100% Acrylic Heavy-duty Hat
  • 40-gram 3M Thinsulate Lined
  • Knitted Four Layers
  • Stay Warm Outdoors with this Acrylic Hat
  • Wear Rolled Up or In a Slouchy Style (extended, loose)
  • Matches Nicely with Several Items in the Closet
  • Ideal for Outdoor Activities, Winter Sports, Skiing, Snowboarding, Skating and more
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