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MOBI CONNECT Smart DualScan Bluetooth Ear & Forehead Thermometer with App Contro

MOBI CONNECT Smart DualScan Bluetooth Ear & Forehead Thermometer with App Contro

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With both ear and forehead reading methods and a bright color-changing fever indicator, the compact medical grade DualScan Thermometer is perfect for at-home and on-the-go temperature readings. You can easily switch between infant and adult modes to get more accurate results. The easy-to-read backlit LED screen makes it simple to take temperatures day or night. It is possible to use this thermometer with or without a phone. For even more convenience, you can use your phone to record, track, sync, and share temperatures for a better overview and diagnosis. Automatic power off can help to conserve battery life. Home and health monitoring can now be accomplished with the help of the MOBI Smart App. You can use the app to create multiple user profiles so that you can keep track of each family member's temperature. It is possible to get quick and accurate temperature readings in just one second with the touch of a button. Great forehead non-contact thermometer for infant, baby, toddler, and adults. This MOBI product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.

  • EAR, FOREHEAD, ROOM & OBJECT TEMPERATURE READINGS - The ability to measure ear, forehead, room, and object temperatures provides versatility in temperature monitoring. This versatility makes the thermometer suitable for various applications, such as monitoring body temperature, checking ambient room temperature, or measuring the temperature of objects like food or liquids. Switch easily between Fahrenheit or Celsius modes.
  • FEVER INDICATOR WITH COLOR CHANGING LCD DISPLAY - The color-changing LCD display provides immediate visual feedback, reducing the need for manual record-keeping or additional analysis. Users can quickly identify the presence or absence of fever by glancing at the display. This real-time feedback supports timely decision-making, such as when determining whether to administer medication, seek medical attention, or take other necessary precautions to manage fever-related symptoms or illnesses.
  • INFANT AND ADULT MORES FOR MORE ACCURATE RESULTS - Infant and adult modes offer customized temperature measurement settings based on the age group selected. These settings consider factors such as normal temperature ranges, fever thresholds, and measurement techniques suitable for the specific age group. This customization ensures that temperature measurements align with the standards and guidelines recommended for each age group, optimizing the accuracy and reliability of readings.
  • QUICK SINGLE BUTTON SCAN OPERATION – With automatic ear & forehead switching. With just one press of a button, users can initiate the temperature scanning process. This straightforward operation eliminates the need for complex instructions or multiple steps, ensuring that anyone can use the thermometer with minimal effort or confusion.
  • MOBI SMART APP – Use independently or pair with your smartphone for automatic tracking & added features. Includes ability to enter comments for each reading, powerful reporting & graphs for Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly trends & export options. Also allows multiple user profiles to track each family member independently. Our app helps monitor your health with other “MOBI Connect” health devices all in one app!
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT DOWN - The automatic shutdown feature enhances user convenience and ease of use. Users do not have to worry about manually turning off the thermometer after each use, as it will automatically power down after a specified period of inactivity. This eliminates the need for additional steps or remembering to turn off the device, making the thermometer more user-friendly and intuitive to use.
  • Directions Instructions


    Setting up and operating the MOBI Smart DualScan Bluetooth Thermometer with the Smart App is straightforward. Begin by installing the MOBI Smart App on your smartphone and creating an account. Power on the thermometer and ensure it's in Bluetooth pairing mode. Open the app and follow the prompts to connect the thermometer to your smartphone via Bluetooth. When needed, take a temperature reading by placing the thermometer on your forehead or in-ear as instructed. The reading will automatically sync with the app for easy tracking and monitoring of temperature trends over time, making it a valuable tool for health management.

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