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ProMaxx Tangy Tropical is specially formulated for people with extra-large body mass or those who haven’t avoided toxins for the recommended amount of time. Our ProMaxx is made to be consumed one to five hours prior to any cleansing deadline. All liquid formulas work best when used in conjunction with Jump Start capsules.

Before Consuming Protox ProMAXX Tangy Tropical 32oz

Give yourself a full two days for preparation without toxins, including all unnecessary medications, alcohol, and nicotine.

During your days of preparation stay hydrated by consuming plenty of water and brewed green tea.

We recommend a high fiber diet in the days leading up to a cleansing deadline.

Remember days that you introduce toxins into your system do not count as days of preparation. We also do not include the day of consumption.


Consumption of Protox ProMAXX Tangy Tropical 32oz

Two to Three hours before consuming Protox eat a meal consisting of oatmeal or a high fiber cereal.

Avoid acidic drinks or food. (i.e. coffee, cranberry juice)

Two hours before your cleansing deadline shake the bottle and drink contents.

After 15 minutes drink 16 oz. of water.

Urinate Often



As a dietary supplement

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